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The best is yet to come...

I'm excited to announce an upcoming project!  
"Mi Navidad" - an independent feature film!

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An excerpt from the director's blog:

"First up, I’ve noticed the script works in triplicate. There’s a lot of parts, in terms of roles, that operate in threes. Three families, three friends from college and three children. Kiara was a great start to our three kids, but we needed two more that really rounded us out. Enter Rylie Vetica and Sergio Blanco. We had a couple of earlier auditions, in which no girl really grasped what it was like to be Trella, a character based on my niece. By “grasping,” I’m talking about the amount of confidence that the Trella character has. Rylie had that in droves, so it was a moment where she was head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. "  - P. Alberto Sanchez


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